Reasons to Join GREEA

Reason #1

The Georgia Real Estate Educators Association (GREEA) is a state association whose mission is to promote high standards in the real estate education, amity among its members, and opportunities for professional development.

Reason #2

GREEA membership offers the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Reason #3

GREEA recognizes and supports members who make notable contributions to the real estate education In Georgia.

Reason #4

Together with the Georgia Real Estate Commission GREEA offers the Georgia Instructor course (GIT). 

Reason #5

Along with the Georgia Real Estate Commission, GREEA sponsors the Annual Educator School Meeting.

Reason #6

In GREEA, educators speak with an individual voice and are heard all over Georgia.

Reason #7

Access to the GREEA Membership Directory provides a daily connection to the people who “make it happen.”

Reason #8

Our members are excited, supportive, and know that GREEA is a special organization.

Please click here for a printable brochure that highlights the many reasons to become a part of GREEA.

New membership dues paid on October 1 or after applies through the following year. For example, if a person joins on October 14, 2023, that the member is considered a paid member in good standing through December 31, 2024.