GREEA Events and Memories

GREEA sponsors multiple events throughout the view for members and interested others to attend. The ultimate purpose of each event is to elevate the quality of real estate education in Georgia. Click here for photo memories of past events.

Refund Policy: For information regarding refund policies for GREEA-sponsored events including the Georgia Instructor Training, Annual School Meeting and Mid-Year Symposium, please refer to the registration documents for each specific event.

Weapons Policy: GREEA prohibits all persons who enter company property from carrying a handgun, firearm, knife or other weapon of any kind, regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry a weapon or not.

GIT – Georgia Instructor Training

Welcome! This website provides information on the Georgia Instructor Training (GIT) course that is offered by the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) to comply with Rule 520-3-.03(3)(f). 

The GIT course is sponsored by the Georgia Real Estate Educators Association in part through an education contract from the Real Estate Education, Research and Recovery Fund. 

Pre-License Instructors are required to attend the GIT prior to being approved by the GREC. 

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Mid-Year Symposium

Annually in the Spring, a one-day event is held to provide instructors with instruction tools and strategies. This event also provides another opportunity for members to network.

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Annual School Meeting

The Georgia Real Estate Commission’s (GREC) Annual School Meeting (ASM) is held in tandem with a GREEA sponsored workshop. Both days are filled with exciting, high-energy events encompassing industry-related topics that address current issues and solutions related to instructors and school administrators from nationally-recognized presenters as well as some of Georgia’s finest.

2022 Annual School Meeting – December 1 and 2

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Board Meetings

GREEA is administered by members who volunteer to serve in various roles. This group is charged with the planning of events, communicating information to members, operating the association in a fiscally responsible manner among other tasks.

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