GREEA History

GREEA was founded in 1990

  • The Georgia Real Estate Educators Association (GREEA) was created as a state chapter of the national Real Estate Educators Association (REEA). GREEA received the Georgia chapter charter in December 1990 with the following express purposes and goals:
    • To enable real estate educators to share ideas and experiences
    • To encourage and, where appropriate, implement research
    • To recognize members who make notable contributions to the real estate education in Georgia
    • To provide members with the opportunities for educational and professional growth
    • To provide current information on legislation pertaining to real estate education
    • To collect and disburse information on new programs, materials and research relating to the real estate education
    • To provide liaison with other real estate associations

Being a member of GREEA meant that it was mandatory that you also had to be a member of REEA, paying both the national and state dues.

GREEA was notified in late 2005 by REEA that they would no longer have state chapters in their organization. The Board of Directors of GREEA expressed their opinion that our association provided a valuable service to our members and the real estate education in Georgia and voted to establish GREEA as an individual organization in Georgia. The new GREEA Bylaws were voted on and accepted at the April 2006 meeting. Now you, as a GREEA member, have the option of also being a member of REEA.

During the years that GREEA was a chapter of REEA, GREEA was very proud to set a record of 4 years of receiving the coveted REEA Chapter of the Year Award in 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2002.

GREEA also is very proud of our outstanding members who have received national awards and/or recognition from REEA:

      Charles Clark            2009 REEA Icon – Vision

      Barney Fletcher       1999 REEA Distinguished Career Award

      Sylvia Shelnutt         Elected 2008-2009 REEA President

      Mary Shern              REEA Distinguished Career Award

                                       REEA Journal Best ‘Article’ of the Year

                                       2009 REEA Icon – Experience

GREEA is also very proud of our members who as members of REEA achieved the REEA designation of Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI):