We all recognize the dedication of teachers who sacrifice their own resources to enhance their classrooms. Many educators purchase additional supplies for students in need, spend their money on classroom engagement materials, and even provide snacks and meals for some of their students. These selfless acts deserve recognition and support, and you have the opportunity to make a difference!

Every June, we open nominations for GREEA members to recommend individuals in the education sector for a donation from GREEA's C2C program. This initiative is open to all educators, from elementary teachers to high school instructors, and special education professionals, provided they are not involved in the real estate industry. However you know of the need, we encourage you to nominate those who have made a significant contribution to your community.

Once an educator is selected as a C2C recipient, they are not eligible to win again. However, if your nominee is not chosen, you are welcome to nominate them in subsequent years.

Each year, we will select three winners to receive up to $1,000 in school supplies. This program is entirely funded by the generosity of our members! We are asking each member to contribute $10 or more each year to ensure the sustainability of the Classroom to Classroom initiative for years to come.

If you have any questions, please CLICK HERE and direct your message to C2C or send a message to c2c@greea.org.


Together, let's give back to those who shape the future.

C2C Winners


Brain Matthews - Virginia Highland Elementary
Alyssa Tangco - Summerour Middle School
Carla Towe - Lanier Elementary School


Danny Amberson
Bethany Beaudrie
Joi Bostic
Andrea Bowles
Ron Branch
Cynthia Brown
Chris Burell
Donna Cade
Matthew Chan
Lisa Cooper
Carol Ferguson
Lillie Fuse Williams
Janet Goff
Lauren Guillebeau
Cheryl King
Robert Kozlowski
Joyce McQueen
Lisa Oden
Tammie Prieto
Vickie Rogers
Kristine Serkedakis
Tina Vliet
Rusty Willis
Terry Young