About Classroom 2 Classroom

Lisa Oden, your 2023 President, had a goal for GREEA to give back to the community of education. With Lisa’s direction, we formed a Community Service Committee to come up with a program that would do just that. 

We all know that teachers spend their own money in order to make their classrooms great.  Many buy extra supplies because they know they will have students in their class who can’t afford to buy their own. These teachers need a break and we can help them. 


So we formed: C2C or Classroom to Classroom; Allies in Educatio


This is how it is going to work. Approximately the beginning of June, you will all receive a nomination form via email. You will be able to nominate anyone in the education business to receive a gift from GREEA. This can be anyone in the education business. They can be an elementary teacher, special education teacher, high school…anyone. You don’t have to be related to them and they do not have to be in real estate. They can be a next door neighbor or your kids 3rd grade teacher that made an impact on your son/daughter. 

Once they win, they cannot win again, but if your nominee doesn’t get chosen, you may nominate them again the following year.


Each year we will choose 3 winners to receive up to $1,000 in school supplies! 


How are we going to fund this project? We created a new account from our reserves to get us started, but we will need your help to keep it going. We are asking each member to donate $10 or more. You can donate any time during the year. You can donate multiple times during the year. You can donate more than $10 if you wish to do so. We will have QR codes during all GREEA events and there is a link on the website all year long. 


Our first set of winners will be in 2024. We are so excited about this project. 


If you have any questions, please CLICK HERE and direct your message to C2C or send a message to csc@greea.org.


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Joi Bostic
Andrea Bowles
Ron Branch
Lisa Cooper
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Vickie Rogers
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