The Georgia Real Estate Educators Association is comprised of educators whose mission is to promote high standards in real estate education, fellowship among its members, and opportunities for the professional development of all Georgia real estate licensees.

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Georgia Instructor Training


Georgia Association of REALTORS

Atlanta, Georgia

July 17 - 19, 2024

Annual School Meeting


Grand Hyatt

Savannah, Georgia

December 5-6, 2024

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   Congratulations to Christy Slaton for earning the RCE (REALTOR Association Certified Executive) designation. RCE is the only professional designation designed specifically for REALTOR® association executives and it exemplifies goal-oriented AEs with drive, experience and commitment to professional growth.


Congratulations to Velore Brown for earning the Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) designation on March 6, 2024 from the Real Estate Educators Association.  Now Georgia has two active DREI holders.


Congratulations Joi Bostic for being named the 2023 Georgia Association of REALTORS - Partners in Education Instructor of the Year!


Registration for Georgia Instructor Training (GIT) has been totally revamped and registration is now open. READ MORE...


Congratulations to Vickie Rogers for earning the Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) designation on January 4th, 2024 from the Real Estate Educators Association.

Welcome to GREEA

It is with great honor and excitement that I serve as GREEA's President this year. This role is more than a title; it embodies a profound duty to guide, motivate, and elevate our members' role in Georgia's real estate industry.

2024 promises to have no shortage of challenges for agents, brokers, and educators. That said, I am equally confident that we will make significant strides and positive changes, benefiting both our association and the students in our classrooms.

While we will be working on several major projects, my primary focus will be on amplifying member involvement on both the board and committee levels. To do this, your experience and talents are urgently needed as we work toward fulfilling GREEA's mission. It's as easy as clicking here to volunteer for a GREEA committee.

Our work on improving our internal structure and systems is important, but we must also keep our focus on our students. We are more than educators; we are true influencers in the world of real estate. GREEA's members are unparalleled instructors, and we are committed to ensuring that every broker and agent has the opportunity to learn from the best. To enroll in a class, simply click here.

I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to the GREEA Board for their support and dedication to getting the work done!  GREEA is a group effort and we're fortunate to have this dedicated group of volunteers working to positively impact the careers and lives of our members and our students.

All my best,

Rusty Willis

Rusty Willis
GREEA President 2024

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