GREEA Instructor Growth

G.I.G. Opps are provided to support the development of GREEA members as educators. Visit here frequently for additional growth opportunities.

2022 Mid-Year Symposium – Core Issues of Community Association Management for the Traditional Real Estate Instructor

Jamie Platt Lyons

Jamie led the attendees through an investigation and exploration of hot topics in Community Association Management that impact traditional real estate instruction. Attendees were able to create, learn, and practice teaching tools and classroom strategies to help instructors of traditional real estate incorporate Community Association Management topics into their classes. Click here for the password-protected course materials. Materials are available only registrants. Password was emailed.

2021 GREEA Instructor Workshop – The Experience Factor: How to Connect Better Using Technology

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Ifoma Pierre

Pierre brought it in this course. He challenged the attendees to change their B.S. (bad story) into something productive. He further outlined a simple strategy for educators to connect with their students. The strategy was built around Grow * Create * Expand. The entire slide deck can be found here.

2021 GREC Annual School MeetingSpecial Delivery!

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Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro

JMan has provided the handout from his presentation, Special Delivery! How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Delivery In-Person, Online and in a Hybrid World. Click here for the handout.

2021 MID-YEAR SYMPOSIUMIt’s 5 O’clock Somewhere! Time Management for Instructors

Marlene Douglas

This course provides the essentials of all things “time management” with a twist.  Learn hidden gems about effective business planning, daily scheduling and budgeting.  In addition, attendees will be provided with tools to expand their business by utilizing  former students and assessments.

Click here to view.

Inclusive Instruction for LLA! (All, that is)

As instructors, we should always try to reach each and every student in our classes. Here are tips and a resource to help you make your courses more inclusive.

Click here to learn more

Video Integration

Watch this quick training video on how to integrate video into your class presentations. And it fits your budget perfectly!!!

Click here to access.

2019 Mid-Year Symposium

Dr. Tony Burks II provided excellent information about helping adults, who have not been in a learning environment in a long time, learn to learn again.

GREC Instructor CE Courses

These are online education opportunities approved and provided by the GREC.

Free Webinar
Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro

Engage, Inspire & Connect In An Online World – May 15, 2020 10:00 AM EST

Ryan Taylor writes and delivers classes to fellow architects, agencies as well as real estate professionals. This is education concerning building permitting and inspections.


Do you want to find new ways to engage your students? Then gamify your classes. Here are great sources for you to incorporate.


Rusty Willis, a fellow GREEA member, has provided a wonderful tutorial on a great tool to create, administer and track online testing. Check out this training video and get started today.


Rusty Willis has done it again. This time he has provided a tutorial on an online tool to manage class attendance which can be used for virtual as well as in-person classes. Learn about is and get started today.