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You attended the event and now you cannot seem to locate the course materials. Or maybe you have misplaced your notes. Don’t fear GREEA has you covered.

The GREEA ICEbox is where you can find the course handouts, slide decals and follow up information from instructor-led sessions at the Mid-Year Symposiums and Annual School Meeting & GREEA Instructor Workshop.

This page features follow-up information, handouts, slide decks, etc. from instructor-led sessions at the Mid-Year event or the Annual School Meeting & GREEA Instructor Workshop.

2022 Annual School Meeting & GREEA Instructor Workshop

Nakia Brooks

What Brokers Need to Know

During this course, the instructor provided the most frequent violation and issues the Georgia Real Estate Commission is having with Brokers. Armed with the content, instructors were given ideas and topics upon which to build courses specifically for brokers. Having broker-specific courses will benefit the real estate industry as a whole and assist brokers in the supervision of their firms and affiliates under their supervision. Click here for the slide deck.

Presentation Skills: Do I Have Your Attention Now

This course was designed to give real estate instructors the opportunity to approach teaching with new and innovative techniques. By designing curriculum that will leave your students with memorable moments during their learning experience, you will cultivate an environment of learners who appreciate the way you teach. Mastering your presentation skills requires confidence, organization, digital skills, and dynamic lesson planning. 10 tips were reviewed that will help improve your presentation skills for future students, from all backgrounds and ages. Click here for the handout – password protected.

Sabrina Lowery
Mike Nelson

Fair Housing and Property Management: Drilling Deeper

In this advanced course, Mike had the attendees drill deeper into specific examples and actual cases in order to better see the many factors and considerations for each unique circumstance. Several considerations were identified relevant to a fair housing complaint and investigation. Several more subtle examples of fair housing violations were discussed and described, such as considerations regarding familial status and disability. At the conclusion, attendees were equipped to list and describe screening and management techniques to avoid fair housing complaints and violations. Click here for the handout.

Mental Health and Building Resiliency

Suicide is a leading cause of death and has long-lasting effects of individuals, families, and communities. Everyone can help prevent suicide by learning the warning signs and by promoting prevention and resilience. This session directed attendees on how to help themselves as well as to recognize the warning signs in others and employ the tools to make a difference. In addition, information on how to capitalize on your strengths was included.  To access and identify your strengths, you are encouraged to complete the VIA survey from the heart which can be found at

Lt. Debra Kalish

Once you have registered, please select the “I want to take the VIA 120” and begin the survey.  The survey consists of 120 questions. At the end of the survey, you may elect to complete a demographic data collection.  Then you will see three options for receiving your ranking.  Select Option 3:  Free VIA Me! Character Strengths Profile.  A top-down ranking of character strengths with brief description.  Once on the VIA Character Strength Profile page please scroll to the bottom and select “Show All Results” and save as a pdf file, if you so chose. 

2022 Mid-Year Symposium – Core Issues of Community Association Management for the Traditional Real Estate Instructor

Jamie Platt Lyons

Jamie led the attendees through an investigation and exploration of hot topics in Community Association Management that impact traditional real estate instruction. Attendees were able to create, learn, and practice teaching tools and classroom strategies to help instructors of traditional real estate incorporate Community Association Management topics into their classes. Click here for the password-protected course materials. Materials are available only registrants. Password was emailed.

2021 GREEA Instructor Workshop – The Experience Factor: How to Connect Better Using Technology

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Ifoma Pierre

Pierre brought it in this course. He challenged the attendees to change their B.S. (bad story) into something productive. He further outlined a simple strategy for educators to connect with their students. The strategy was built around Grow * Create * Expand. The entire slide deck can be found here.

2021 GREC Annual School MeetingSpecial Delivery!

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Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro

JMan has provided the handout from his presentation, Special Delivery! How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Delivery In-Person, Online and in a Hybrid World. Click here for the handout.

2021 MID-YEAR SYMPOSIUMIt’s 5 O’clock Somewhere! Time Management for Instructors

Marlene Douglas

This course provides the essentials of all things “time management” with a twist.  Learn hidden gems about effective business planning, daily scheduling and budgeting.  In addition, attendees will be provided with tools to expand their business by utilizing  former students and assessments. Click here to view the recorded class.

2019 Mid-Year Symposium

Dr. Tony Burks II provided excellent information about helping adults, who have not been in a learning environment in a long time, learn to learn again.